The Estuary Restoration Act

The Estuary Restoration Act (ERA) makes restoring estuaries a national priority.


Member Agencies:

The original Estuary Restoration Act (pdf, 26 pages, 168K) was passed into law in 2000 to:

The Act established an interagency Council to carry out these directives, and required the Council to develop an Estuary Habitat Restoration Strategy. The Act also directed NOAA to develop monitoring protocols for estuary habitat restoration projects, and to create and maintain a national database of restoration projects.

In 2007 the ERA was modified via amendments to the Water Resources Development Act of 2007 (pdf, 3 pages, 36KB). The complete Act with incorporated amendments (pdf, 9 pages, 196KB) can also be viewed.

Significant changes in the Amendments:

Under the Estuary Restoration Act, NOAA developed and maintains a restoration project database, the National Estuaries Restoration Inventory (NERI), and established standards for restoration monitoring.

NOAA became Chair of the Estuary Habitat Restoration Council in 2009 for a three-year term.