Project Tracking Database - National Estuaries Restoration Inventory (NERI)

As part of the Estuary Restoration Act, NOAA developed and maintains a database, the National Estuaries Restoration Inventory (NERI), of estuary restoration projects implemented around the country. The inventory contains information for projects funded through ERA as well as other projects that meet the minimum monitoring requirements.

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NERI provides:

For updated information on the status and activities of NERI for the coming year, please download this fact sheet. (pdf, 1 page, 716 Kb)

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For more information on the National Estuaries Restoration Inventory, or to find out about working with NOAA to integrate an existing restoration project database, e-mail

For more information on what you can do with NERI, please download this fact sheet (pdf,2 pages, 848Kb).