ERA Information

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Estuary Restoration Act

The Act promotes the restoration of estuarine habitat.

Estuary Monitoring and Current Studies

The protocols outline basic guidelines to accurately measure the success of restoration activities in meeting project goals, including minimum required parameters for each habitat type. NOAA also has several on-going monitoring projects and studies related to the Act.

Project Tracking Database - National Estuaries Restoration Inventory (NERI)

The NERI tracks estuary habitat restoration projects implemented around the country; it includes those funded through the ERA and non-ERA projects that meet minimum monitoring requirements.

Estuary Habitat Restoration Council

Representatives from five federal agencies make up the interagency Council created to implement the ERA. The Council develops and directs policy relating to the Act.

Restoration Projects Funded Under the ERA

NOAA and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers receive funding to conduct on-the-ground restoration. Current and completed projects are described here.

Estuarine Habitat Project Funding

The Estuary Habitat Restoration Council seeks projects that achieve cost-effective restoration while promoting increased partnerships among agencies and public and private sectors.